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Congratulations! Now you have a great and invaluable chance to be remembered by historians as the greatest sage in the whole world. Believe me, it's easy! You can answer questions, complete aphorisms, and give definitions to various words. The funnier or cleverer your answer, the higher the chance of it appearing in the Top-10. All of the Top-10 answers will be kept perennially! Besides, I'm hoping (almost sure) that you will enjoy these games very much.

I wish you to always be the first in the Top-10!


Any interesting aphorisms, funny phrases, questions or definitions are acceptable in these games. You can send a funny answer to any phrase or question. The funnier the answer, the more votes you'll get (usually). Best answers are published in the top-10.

You can cast up to 2 votes for each answer (by marking the combobox to the right of the answer). Duplicate votes are discarded. If some answer seems unduly lewd or offensive, you can vote to -1. If answer will get -2 votes it will be deleted.

If the author of the phrase is known, put his name after the phrase, separated by a slash "/" or "\".

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(c) Andy Kim, 2002.

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